Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A Bit Naughty I Know But.............Well she did ask for it

The following story is about as unbelievable as "This is the New Tardis" - but we are talking New York remember.

As we walked back from our little outing I was stopped by a woman in the street trying to get donations towards some political fund or other. She had some pamphlets and booklets picturing Barrack Obama with Hitler, and other such ridiculing. When she realised I was English she waded into Tony Blair, but I had to inform her that we now have 'Gordo' - "Oh has Blair left?" Yeah he's he's not a politician anymore he's setting up a 'Blairland', it's a theme park. "Gee that's amazing. Is it going to be in England?" Yes, he's going to set it up in London, he's renting Buckingham Palace, the Queen can't afford to live there anymore, so she's moving to Windsor. Haven't you heard about it over here? "Gee no." Oh you should look it up on the Internet - Google it. "Gee, yes, I will when I get home." "say would you like to make a contribution to my party?" No sorry, I'm still paying towards Iraq, Afghanistan, and cleaning up the planet, but when your lot have sorted out the mess they made, give me a call. "So would you like to sign my petition?" Err - no - but have a nice day.

(No doubt when she does Google 'Blairland', she will think it's Google that is wrong - and yes she was blonde, and a Republican - Gee wizz, thicker than a deli sandwich)

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