Thursday, 2 July 2009

Trying To Pack - Mumble, Mumble

My final picture: Gave him my loose change and single dollar bills, and wished him luck with Mariah

Well here I am, taking a break from swearing at my suitcase, with possibly my last cup of espresso - as I'd like to think I will sleep away the torment of the plane ride home, with the aid of some earplugs and a face mask - pink of course, purchased specially from 'a very gay shop'.

Weather is nice today. Have fed the birds, and the tomatoes. The birds have shown their appreciation of their new pent house spa by fertilising the window box.

I didn't think I'd bought much, but looking at it a few minutes ago, I think I might need to borrow and extra bag to get all my 'uber cool' New York tat home.

I've been out for my last walk this morning, and have been thinking that this trip hasn't felt like a holiday, it's been much more than that, and best of all I feel like I have reconnected with my family. Three weeks wasn't enough, maybe I just need to do it more often.

I'm a bit pushed for time today, and already have a few thoughts and reflections I'd like to add, so as I have 3 hours to kill in Heathrow tomorrow morning before being repatriated to my beloved Geordieland, I will post from the airport, perhaps with a pint of Guinness instead of espresso.

So for now 'Gan Canny' oot there in sybaland lyke

Oh, and have a nice day

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